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Need to know

Keep a close look at this list, cause these are the most important things you need to know and might be updated even till the last day!


Open the report tool in a new browser. For more information about the tool and how to add events by yourselve see tech tips.

  • Climate Games groot succes (video)

Climate Games groot succes (video)

  • June 15th, 2014

– Nog 8 winnaars Climate Games vast in Cellen Complex Zuid Oost [aanvulling 15/6, 20:00 : alle arrestanten zijn weer op vrije voeten]
– Geslaagde start van meer acties
– Video verslag
– Foto’s

Wij Stoppen Steenkool kijkt terug op een succesvol verloop […]

  • Succesvolle excursie over speelveld met guarilla gardening

Succesvolle excursie over speelveld met guarilla gardening

  • June 2nd, 2014

Zondag 1 juni is er een excursie georganiseerd door Wij Stoppen Steenkool rond het speelveld van de Climate Games. Vanuit de Zaanstreek en van Station Sloterdijk vertrokken twee groepen op de fiets om zich samen te voegen en het […]

  • Anti-steenkool activisten hangen banner van toren Beurs van Berlage

Anti-steenkool activisten hangen banner van toren Beurs van Berlage

  • June 2nd, 2014

Actievoerders van de groep “Wij Stoppen Steenkool” hebben op zaterdagmiddag een 20 meter lange banner gehangen van de toren van de Amsterdamse Beurs van Berlage. Op het spandoek stond de tekst “climategames.nl”. Ook deelden volledig in het wit geklede […]


Aim of the game

Gather the most points.


During the Climate Games, Climate Game Teams play a sort of living Stratego. Players form their own teams and score points by planting their flags at different locations on the playing field. But beware, because the Blue Team might be out there to make it as difficult als possible. Think up forehand about your tactics and how far you want to go with your team, which risks you are willing to take and which not. You can also think of playing it safe and scoring extra points eg. by dressing up in cool outfits.

During the day there will be Climate Game-observers who keep in contact with our Tech Team about the scores of the individual teams. Your team and the observers can create evidence of your score by spreading a photo of the flag you planted on social media, such as Facebook and Twitter. Or just send us an e-mail. During the games all messages will be gathered on this website, so everybody can see the interim score. (Be aware of privacy, see Tech Tips)

If you’re unable to play with a team or you don’t want to risk your life during the games, come as supporter! There will be one or more info-points where we keep up with the teams and their scores, have some music and background information.

The game step by step

1. Form a team and choose a name.
Teams are created by yourselves. Just let us know your team name when you score points. When creating a team with your friends or relatives, remember that the Blue Team might be your opponant. Therefore it’s wise to have a team of 4 to 6 people. In this way you can work in two or three doubles (buddies), and it’s not too hard to hide. On the other hand we wouldn’t recommend you to play alone, so there’s always another team member who knows where you are. If you’d like to play the Climate Games, but you are unable to form a team yourselve, just come to one of our info-points near the playing field and meet people there to form a team. Or just come to cheer up the playing teams!
2. Make some flags.
Download the Climate Games logo or design your own and cut it out like a stencil. Spray paint the logo on a piece of fabric (eg. 60x40cm) with your stencil. Put a flag pole on the fabric, et voilà! Hint: think of a smart solution for the flag pole(s), eg. tent sticks are light weighted and foldable. Or use your flags without flag poles and just tigh them onto locations with just some rope.
3. Prepare yourselves
Study the location and choose your tactics. We’re working on a detailled map with photo’s, soon to be found on this website.
4. Practice up front and score extra points
Sunday June 1st, the foreplay will start. From then on teams can already score extra points. On the 1st of June we also organise a scout day around the playing field to get to know the area (calender). More details about this on this website and maillist soon.
5. Choose your starting location for the Climate Games.
The playing field is situated at the Westerlijk Havengebied (western harbour area) of Amsterdam between the ferry to Zaandam, subway station Isolatorweg and train station Sloterdijk. But the Blue Team knows this to of course. Therefore it might be wise to think of a better starting location or route to enter the playing field.
6. Play the Climate Games; score points!
Take pictures of the flag(s) which are planted by your team or gather other (anonymous) evidence (see Tech Tips).
7. Stick together and have a review session afterwards
When forming a team it is most important to stick together during the games. You might decide to split up for a while in doubles, but make sure your have the goods to keep up with the other double’s situation and location. Be aware that nobody stays behind somewhere, always stick to your buddy. It’s always a good thing to have a review with your team about the day when the games are over. In that way you can discuss how things felt for yourselves. Maybe it was more exciting than you expected and by talking about it you could shake some shivers off. On the After Party there’s also time enough for this and you can speak with other teams and share tactics for the Climate Games in 2015.


  • 5: Planting your team flag at other climate polluting location
  • 10: Planting your team flag at other coal related location
  • 10: Planting your team flag near power plant
  • 25: Planting your team flag at the power plants area or train yard.
  • 50: Planting your team flag inside the power plant
  • 100: Planting your team flag inside the control room

Extra Points

  • 2: Every 10 Likes/Share/Retweets of your flag photo
  • 2: Paste posters (per 5)
  • 2: Stick stickers (per 10)
  • 10: Cool suits
  • 15: Creative play




Hemweg power plant

L-Adam-NuonCompany: Nuon (part of Vattenfall)
Power: 630MW
Building year: 1995
Details: The’re is a gas power plant next to the coal power plant. The coal power plant is connected to the coal harbour via a conveyer-belt system. In between the power plants and the harbour is a train yard where trains are loaded with coal for the export market.
Status: No plans for shut down.

Must see this


wijstoppensteenkool weergeven op een grotere kaart

After Party
After Party


After the Climate Games there will be an After Party organised at Antarctica. Wijstoppensteenkool.nl and techno collective Beats Against Coal are collaborating for the evening! Here teams can meet each other, share tactics and reveal their strategies. When all scores are in and points are counted, we’ll announce the winning team at the After Party. Of course along come some drinks and dance.



De afterparty will take place at Antarctica:

  • Amundsenweg 1 (Bos en Lommer), Amsterdam


  • 17:00 Doors open, drinks are served
  • 18:00 Food by Kollektief Rampenplan
  • 19:00 Music by DJ Rengo Estar (Ska – Reggae, Amsterdam)
  • 21:00 Winning team award ceremony (with confetti)
  • 23:00 Afterparty hosted by Beats Against Coal



Why the Climate Games?

We learn by playing. The climate crisis makes it necessary to phase out all dutch coal power plants before 2020 (Hansen, 2010). In 2013 the dutch government formed the ‘energieakkoord’ (energy agreement) which states that 5 very old coal power plants will close in Holland. Good news, though the bad thing is that 3 huge new coal power plants are opening this year. Also 2 old coal power plants stay open, one of them is the Hemweg power plant, where we play the Climate Games. Companies and politicians don’t seem to act for what’s necessary. It looks like they think their play of more profit and economic value is more important than our climate and health.

That’s why we – worried citizens – are willing to discover how we act by ourselves. A wide buttom-up climate movement is growing in Holland but still much smaller than abroad. There are numerous technologies to use instead of burning coal, think of wind, solare, earth, oceans, etc. From the Climate Games on, we’re interefering with the gameplay of politicians and companies like Nuon: all coal power plants must shut down before 2020.

What can we do in one day?

By playing the Climate Games just for one day around the Hemweg coal power plant in Amsterdam, we can light up the discussion about the coal industry and show to a wide audience that we should not agree with the use of char coal in our energy supply. Maybe you thought char coal was something people used only in the 19th century, well, then you’re probably not the only one. Still nowadays char coal is the most polluting source of fossil fuel used in Holland and around the world. The opening of three new giant coal power plants in Holland – one at the Eemshaven and two at the Maasvlakte – is still not widely known by the public. Think about it this way: the Hemweg power plant runs on char coal and combusts 9.888 tons of CO2 in a single average day. This is as much as:

1.995.239 cars combust on a single day with average use;
The Hemweg power plant combusts 9.888 tons of CO2 per day (3,52 Mton / 365 days according to TUdelft) = 9.887.640 kg CO2 per dag. According to Compendium voor de Leefomgeving the average CO2 combustion of a car is: 0,136 kg/km. The average use of a car in Holland is 13.300 km/year according to CBS. So 0,136 x 13.300 = 1.809 kg CO2 per car per year. Or say, 1.809 / 365 = 4,956 kg CO2 per car per day. Total: 9.887.640 / 4,956 = 1.995.239 cars.
6.254.054 lightbulbs can burn for a single day;
If a lightbulp of 60 Watts burns for one day it uses 60W x 24 h = 1440 Wh = 1,440 kWh. It’s not precisely known how much kWh the Hemweg power plant produces, but all coal power plants in Holland produce 78.816 TJ of energy in 2010 according to CBS. 1 terrajoule (TJ) is the same as 277.778 kWh, so 78.816 TJ x 277.778 kWh = 21.893.333.351 kWh. The Hemweg has a capacity of 630 MW, which is 15 % of the total capacity of all dutch coal power plants in 2010. So 15% of 21.893.333.351 kWh = kWh. On average this is 9.005.837 kWh per day (divide by 365). That 60W light bulp we had used 1,440 kWh in 24 hours. So 9.005.837 kWh / 1,440 kWh = 6.254.054 light bulps. Got this?
317.602.742 trees in a rainforest can absorp
This calculation is a little easier that the previous: according tot the CO2-compensation calculator of Trees for All one tree in a rain fores must grow 870.144,5 years to absorb 9.888 tons of CO2. One tree doesn’t live that long, so we could better say that 870.144,5 trees in the rainfores must grow one year to absorb 9.888 tons of CO2. To abosrp this amount of CO2 in one single day, we need 317.602.742 rainforest trees to grow for one day (870.144,5 x 365). Want to go to next level? It’s hard to say how many trees grow on a hectare of rainforest, but if we use this research it says 154,8 trees fit on one hectare of adult rainforest in Costa Rica. So 317.602.742 trees needed/ 154,8 trees per hectare = 2.051.697 hectare rainforest which is necessary to absorp the same amount of CO2 in one day as the Hemweg power plant combusts in one day. The surface of Amsterdam is as much as 21.900 hectare. Our rainforest must therefore be almost as big as 100 times the surface of Amsterdam!
130.844,- of health bills caused by the Hemweg power plant in one day
Though we don’t think money is more important than our health and environment, most politicians and surely companies like NUON do. For them this calculation of our health bills caused by NUON’s coal power plant in one single day: according to “The Unpaid Healt Bil” of HEAL dutch coal power plants are causing around 386 milion euro of health bills every year. Thanks to TUDelft we know how many CO2 is combusted by coal power plants in Holland in one year, namely 28,5 Mton (Megaton = kg). The Hemweg power plant combusted 3,5 Mton of CO2, which is 15% of the total. So 15% of 386 milion anual health bills = 48 milion euro every year. Divided by 365 days = 130.844 euro of health bills ever day. Let’s invest that in clean energy!


So what are you waiting for? Print the rules of the game, shutdown your laptop, put on your shoes and come to the Climate Games in Amsterdam, June 14th! Cause if you stay at home, you’ve lost!


Tech Tips

Social media

When the Climate Games are starting, you can upload your evidence/photo’s via social media or e-mail to our Tech Team who can put them online anonymously. In this way everybody can follow up on the score during the game (and during the preplay) and see how other teams are doing. Where did they plant their flags? What is the interim score? How many points have we scored already with our own team?

Here you’ll find some technical tips and trics about using social media safely for uploading your pictures. Because you don’t want the Blue Team tracking your location, do you? Here some tips to start with:

Create a new Facebook account for your team.
In this way you’re not using your own private Facebook account to upload photo’s or other evidence to score points. However be sure that your team’s Facebook account is not linked in any way with your private account. So don’t create your team’s Facebook account with your private e-mail address.
Ditto for Twitter of course.
In this way you’re not using your own private Twitter account to upload photo’s or other evidence to score points. However be sure that your team’s Twitter account is not linked in any way with your private account. So don’t create your team’s Twitter account with your private e-mail address.

Buy a new prepaid SIM card with data for less then € 10,-
When using this new SIM during the Climate Games it’s more difficult to track your private cell phone number which may lead to your identity. Be sure that if you use a new SIM card in your smartphone your smartphone may still contain private information, such as contacts and phone numbers, messages, Whatsapps, maybe even automatic login to your private Facebook account…
It's even better to use a totally new smartphone
which you can use for data, internet and camera. You can buy one for around € 50 euro (eg. this Samsung).


We use Ushahidi to follow up on reports that are made during the day. And you can use this app to anonymously report events at the Climate Games.

  1. Download the app from the Play Store or Itunes, search for “Ushahidi”
  2. Open the app and choose in the upper right corner “+” and “Add Map By URL”
  3. Enter a name and description and the URL “https://www.wijstoppensteenkool.nl/report
  4. Choose the newly added map

Follow all events or add new events at Climate Games map: www.wijstoppensteenkool.nl/report


Of course we don’t want to exclude people who are not familiar with social media and smartphones or who have no trust in using them during the Climate Games. They to are able to play the game and score points, some hints for them:

  • Use a standard digital camera and send your photo’s in an e-mail to info@wijstoppensteenkool.nl and we’ll put them online. Don’t forget to mention your team name, so you can score extra points when other people Like/Share/Retweet your photo’s. Again, it’s wise to use a new e-mail address.
  • During the Climate Games there’ll be observers walking/cycling around the playing area who might take a picture of your action when you ask them. The observers will send this to our jury.


What could happen to me?

Taking part in the Climate Games is not without any risks. You could end up

with a bad cut in your pants, or have your new shoes mudded. Think about how to prevent this on forehand. But also think about what could happen if you accidentally cross a road which is forbidden. Might this happen and the Blue Team has to put you back on the right track, then it might be wise to have to telephone number of the Legal Team of Amsterdam. They to play the Climate Games, but from behind the scenes. For more information refer to their own website.

Come to cheer!

Even if you don’t want to risk anything you should come to the Climate Games to cheer up the playing teams! There will be at least one info-point where everybody can gather. At this info-point(s) we’ll keep up with the teams and their scores in a pleasent way. Also teams can come to the info-points for rest or retreat. Visitors, passers-by, press and media are welcome to get extra information about the Climate Games, the Hemweg power plant, the three new giant dutch coal power plants which are planned to open this year and many more.





Organisation - april t/m june
We are already busy doing all sorts of organisation that comes along for the Climate Games. But we could always use some extra hands. Our meetings take place in Amsterdam and you’re free to come and have a thought about what you could do!
After Party Coördinator - april t/m 14 june
We’re already busy with the organisation of the After Party, but it would be nice if someone could take the role of coördinator. As coördinator you’re responsible for the line-up, volunteers for bar and door shifts and other preperations. You should be able to come to our meetings in Amsterdam once in a while to see how things are going. We hope to find somebody who has experience with party planning and knows the city of Amsterdam.
After Party Door shift - 14 juni (avond en na middernacht)
Door shift in doubles. First double from 21:00 to 24:00), second double from 24:00 to 3:00
After Party Bar shift - 14 juni (avond en na middernacht)
Bar shift in doubles. First double from 21:00 to 24:00), second double from 24:00 to 3:00
After Party Clean up - 15 juni (vroege ochtend)
It’s nice to party, but there’s always a moment when it’s over, everybody goes home and the party place is still a mess. Clean up time! We don’t want to bother the door and bar volunteers with this, they already had a long shift. So if some volunteers could help cleaning glasses, sweeping the floor and maybe tear down the lights and audio, please stay!
Info-Point People - 14 juni (10:00-18:00)
We’re looking for people who want to stay around the info-points from start till end. But of course you can leave or take a break for a while to cycle around the playing area for example. If you get bothered with difficult press questions you can lead the press to the Press Talker, but during the day there might be some visitors which you can help with their questions. At the info-points we also keep up with the playing teams in a cool way and you’re free to think of something cool to do at the info-points to. You don’t have to be from Amsterdam, just be there on the 14th of June. Sleeping places can be arranged if you like. And it might be helpfull to come to one of our meetings to stay up-to-date.

We need help

There’s a lot of things that cross our path while organising the Climate Games: info-nights, design and spreading of PR material, (social) media asks for attention, but also for logistics, planning, during the games and After Party, we could use more volunteers, also English speaking. If you want to help have a look at the vacancies on the left and get in contact with us. Tell us what you want to do, also if it’s not in the list of vacancies!


At your place?

If you want to organise an info-evening at your local place, please get in contact. We’re more than willing to come by at your place to explain the Climate Games in more detail or talk more about the coal industry. If needed we can bring along a suited movie.

If you already have seen one of us speaking at an info-evening and you already have formed a team, it’s also possible to invite one of us for even more detailed information, safety and direct action tactics. Again, just contact us.



28 april 19:00u – Climate Games overleg in Amsterdam. Wil je actief meewerken aan de Climate Games, mail en kom langs.
7 mei 19:00u –
Climate Games overleg in Amsterdam. Wil je actief meewerken aan de Climate Games, mail en kom langs. LET OP: datum gewijzigd!
21 mei 19:00u –
Climate Games overleg in Amsterdam. Wil je actief meewerken aan de Climate Games, mail en kom langs.
LET OP: datum gewijzigd!
June 1st –
Scout tour around the playing field. More info on this website soon and via our maillist. Also June 1st is the start of the pre play, so from this date on extra points can be scored!
June 3rd – Promotion day in Amsterdam. Come and help postering, stickering and flyering in the city of Amsterdam. Climate Games meeting afterwards, start time for meeting will be announced here soon.
June 14th – Start Climate Games 2014! Afterwards After Party


24 april 18:00 – Amsterdam – Joe’s Garage – Benefit VOKU and info
4 mei  21:00 – Wageningen – Droevendaal – Talk about climate change, Divestment Students and film “Just Do It”. Shot presentation about the Climate Games afterwards (22:15-22:30).

7 mei 19:00 – Nijmegen – Klinker – Soup bar, followed by short Climate Games presentation and film “Just Do It”. Always time for questions.
14 mei 19:00 – Amsterdam – Molli – Benefit voku with nice vegasnacks from 19:00. Reservations might be needed: 020-6761427. Diner is served at 19:00. At 21.00: screening of documentary “Traces of coal” (17min), about the social and environmental impacts of char coal production, transport and shipment in Colombia, from where the majority of the char coal used in dutch power plants comes from. Followed by info about the Amsterdam Climate Games
15 mei – Amsterdam – Valreep – Info and film “Just Do It”
17 mei 14:30-16:00 – Utrecht – ACU – Talk about climate change, Divestment Students and film “Just Do It”. Shot presentation about the Climate Games afterwards
25 mei – Maastricht – Landhuis (nabij Landbouwbelang) – Talk about climate change, Divestment Students and film “Just Do It”. Shot presentation about the Climate Games afterwards
25 mei – Antwerpen – Ecokot – Info
5 juni – Utrecht – Kargadoor – Organised by Kritische Studenten Utrecht: info and discussion about climate change and pollution. Followed by info about the Climate Games.
7&8 juni – Appelscha – Pinksterlanddagen – Info and action training. Good practice by playing a Climate Games Try-out!