…because we are the ones we have been waiting for!

Climate Games in Amsterdam, Ende Gelände in Rhineland, Kayaktivists in Seattle, and many more disobedient acts across Global Blockadia —and the HOTTEST YEAR ON RECORD is far from over yet! The upcoming months will witness some unprecedented escalation of climate actions. Here is a preview.
October 2-4: Dutch Climate Network weekend 
This training weekend for the Dutch climate movement will get you ready for a turbulent season ahead, the climax in Paris and a new year with ample opportunity for change.


October 9-11: Climate Justice Action Network European meeting 
Join us in Paris to help build on the contagious enthusiasm unleashed over the summer to create the largest day of disobedience for climate justice and against capitalism during COP21.

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October 24: Action training #1 (Amsterdam)
Get ready for Paris! Develop skills, experience and confidence to take part in the creative direct actions taking place during the COP21. Make your actions more powerful, creative and fun. Further details about the location and program will be uploaded to this website soon.


Oct.30 – Nov.1: “Power Through Paris” & Climate Justice Action Workshop Weekend @ NieuwLand, Amsterdam 
In coordination with similar events across the globe, GroenFront! is organising a complete weekend programme in Amsterdam: sharing stories and experiences; acquiring skills and knowledge; and planning ahead for Paris and beyond.
The goal of the weekend will be threefold. On Friday evening, we will share a dinner and look back to the story so far, learn from past successes and look forward to what we can expect in and beyond the COP21 in Paris. On Saturday we will get busy with the immediate preparations for COP21 mobilisations: the Climate Justice Bloc at the Klimaatparade, the COP21 Climate Games, and the December 12 mass civil disobedience actions in Paris. And finally, on Sunday we will start preparing for further action in 2016: another edition of the Amsterdam Climate Games, Ground Control climatecamp and a mass action against the dirty fossil fuel infrastructure in the Amsterdam harbour.
PLEASE NOTE: We invite and encourage you to participate in this program for the entire weekend, and can provide a limited amount of sleeping places for people coming from outside of Amsterdam. If your availability is limited or have specific expectations, please let us know so that we can adjust the program, food and logistics accordingly!



November 20-22: Power Through Paris
Friday: Power Through Paris & Beehive Poster Presentation
Saturday & Sunday: Beehive workshop weekend. Learn to use the “True Cost of Coal” and story-coalpromoposter.borderkltelling skills to explain the climate change crisis.
As always when talking about climate change, politicians remain to use their populisitc talks that sound appealing and common sense. That´s how they manage to ´sell´ us their (false) solutions after every COP21. The truth about the climate change crisis is, however, often difficult to understand and takes more time to explain. Therefore we need to expand our story-telling skills. Cause if we cannot explain this story well enough, unconscious people will remain uninterested and keep following the populistic talks.That’s why we want to use the graphic of the Beehive Collective. This graphic of 6×3 meters is so extremely detailed that one can stare at it for hours, meanwhile listening to a speaker telling the true story of the climate crisis as depicted on the graphic. This is story-telling to keep people interested and to make them clear how we got into this crisis and how we can (still) solve it. There is a simple solution: leave coal in the ground!

Signup and more info: https://www.facebook.com/events/971138002946713/



November 21: Action training #2 
Are you ready for Paris? Only a week before the COP21, this full day of workshops will give you the last minute preparations you need before taking to the streets! Further details about the location and program will be uploaded to this website soon.


Climate Games: COP21 edition 
December 2015. You have a heart filled with courage, a mobile phone and plans for creative mischief. The COP21 UN climate summit is just opening in Paris. Austerity-dictating politicians, fossil fuel corporations, industry lobbyists, peddlers of false solutions and greenwashers are converging to solve the climate catastrophe. Or so they tell us. Your objective is to join the global movements swarming against profit and in favour of life. It’s easy to play, in the streets of Paris, cyberspace and in your own habitat. Join the Climate Games —the world’s largest Disobedient Action Adventure Game!


D12: Mass Civil Disobedience 
As the Paris Climate Summit wraps up, thousands of people will be back in the streets to have the final word. No matter what happens during the summit, we’re preparing for bold actions and mass mobilizations on December 12th. Two weeks after the big march on November 29th, we’re taking our future into our own hands, and setting the stage for more action in 2016. Governments don’t lead movements —people do. Join us in Paris for a mass mobilization and the largest civil disobedience action on climate change in Europe.


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