Aim of the game

Gather the most points.


During the Climate Games we play a sort of living Stratego. Players form their own teams and score points by planting their flags at different locations on the playing field. But beware, because the Blue Team is out there to make it as difficult als possible. Think up forehand about your tactics an how far you want to go with your team, which risks you are willing to take and which not. You can also think of scoring extra points eg. by dressing up in cool outfits.

During the day there will be Climate Game-observers who keep in contact with our Tech Team about the scores of the teams. Your team and the observers can create evidence of your score by spreading a photo of the flag you planted on social media, such as Facebook and Twitter. All messages will be gathered on this website, so everybody can see the interim score. (Be aware of privacy, see Tech Tips)

If you’re unable to play with a team or you don’t want to risk your life during the games, come as supporter! There will be one or more info-points where we keep up with the teams and their scores, have some music and background information.


The game step by step

1.Form a team and choose a name
2.Make some flags
3.Prepare yourselves
4.Practice and score extra points
5.Choose your starting location
6.Play the Climate Games
7.Stick together


5-10: Every flag near power plant
25: Every flag at the power plants area
50: Every flag inside the power plant
2: Every flag at other climate polluting location
5: Every flag at other coal related location

Extra Points

1: Every 10 Likes/Retweets of your flag photo
2: Paste posters (per 5)
2: Stick stickers (per 10)
5: Found and fulfilled excercise
10: Nice suits
15: Creative play